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Feeding Horses
First Posted: July 28, 2011
Aug 19, 2011

Alfalfa-The high Quality Hay for Horses

Alfalfa, alfalfa cubed, alfalfa baled

I have always heard that feeding alfalfa to horses causes founder, colic or laminitis. I have heard people say that is only good for cattle! This just seemed rather a blanket statement to me so I decided to research this topic. I have found an excellent web site that is written by experts in this field: Glen E. Shewmaker, University of Idaho, Dan Undersander, University of Wisconsin, Laurie M. Lawrence, University of Kentucky, and Garry D. Lacefield, University of Kentucky. I do not believe that the credibility of this article could be better so I am providing this link as a resource: Alfalfa-The high Quality Hay for Horses.

My horses were recently moved to a new barn because their home of nine years is being sold. The new barn feeds alfalfa and my horses had been on an orchard grass/fescue mix so I decided to research for my "boyz." Our two horses are also easy keepers so we already try to watch their weight. We give no grain, only some supplements to make sure they are getting everything they need along with their forage and their pasture. Their new home also has lovely turn out on 45 acres of pasture which is divided up, of course. We are so pleased that we found a lovely new place!

I do not take any stand on this information because, frankly, I just do not know. However, I thought this was all quite interesting!

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Feeding Horses