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First Posted Jan 6, 2009
May 27, 2013

American Civil War Field Artillery

"Field artillery in the American Civil War refers to the important artillery weapons, equipment, and practices used by the Artillery branch to support the infantry and cavalry forces in the field. It does not include siege artillery, use of artillery in fixed fortifications, or coastal or naval artillery. Nor does it include smaller, specialized artillery termed as infantry guns or mountain guns."

"Only about six percent of the soldiers in the American Civil War were enrolled in the artillery branch of the service, yet the artillery played a pivotal role in almost every major engagement of the War. From the massed Union batteries at Stones River and Malvern Hill to the intrepid field work of Pelham's horse artillery at Fredericksburg, the big guns were always a factor, and often the decisive one.

The purpose of this site is to acquaint the reader with basic information about the topic and provide some suggestions for further viewing and reading. Much of the focus is on the field artillery, which saw the most battle action during the War, but the growing Encyclopedia of Civil War Artillery provides examples of every type..."

The following link is an excellent site that discusses organization and drill, ammunition, famous weapons, history and reenactment, the weapons, the equipment, and famous artillerists that existed during the American Civil War. Field artillery in the American Civil War

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