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Jan 21, 2020


by Debora Johnson
These pictures are Athena at 14 weeks young. She is very much a playful kitten!

Ever since we got Athena from the Rescue Shelter she had been sneezing. Our vet did some blood work on Athena and it was found that her protein level was 9. That is extraordinarily high. It should be 5 or below. With the high protein level marker, the on going sneezing (no runny nose or eyes), with swollen gums and a fat belly the vet suggested that perhaps Athena had FIV. It was not definitive, but likely. FIV is like AIDS in humans. With that bad news we returned Athena to the shelter so that their vet clinic could run more blood tests, do some titers over the next several months for FIV, keep her in isolation, and follow up on her siblings.

I would also like to note that when we received Athena and her paperwork from the Shelter, the paperwork was really a mess. They had her as a male, gray and white, etc. They also had that a FIV test was done on her and it was negative. I am sorry to say that I cannot believe any information that we received from them. We had made a call to the shelter to ask about the paperwork and were just put off.

The month that Athena spent with us she was given lots of love and attention, Science Diet Kitten Food, and excellent vet care. She had her own fleecy bed that she loved and lots of toys that occupied her for hours. We had her trained to come to her name and to the sound of a rattle. She was wonderfully interactive--a really sweet animal. She brought to us lots of joy and laughs. She was a special bundle of life. I just hope that this precious life is not cut short. We are sad.