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First Posted Aug 4, 2009
Sep 18, 2010

French Riding Pony, French Saddle Pony or "Pony Français de Selle"


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Country of Origin: France

Physical Description

The French Riding Pony usually stands 13.2-14.2hh at the withers. The pony can be of any color except cream with blue eyes. They are versatile and athletic and are an excellent mount for the entire family- children and adults alike. They must be balanced, broad chested, have good shoulders, a good top line, and good withers. Their legs must have no conformation faults. The back must be strong. They have forward moving, smooth gaits and good jumping ability. The ponies are extremely hardy. The French Riding Pony has a good temperament. This pony is much like the German Riding Pony and the English Riding Pony.


The French Saddle Pony was created by crossing native French pony mares with Welsh pony, New Forest Pony, Arabian horse and Connemara Pony stallions. The breed's section of the French Pony Stud book also includes ponies that were bred through the crossing of Arabian stallions with Connemara, New Forest and Welsh Pony mares, as well as Selle Francais, Connemara and New Forest stallions with Merens, Basque and Landais mares. The National Association of French Saddle Pony (ANPFS) was founded September 17, 1969. It was created to meet the needs of young riders wishing to ride mounts appropriate to their size. It brings together under one heading ponies from different territories french overseas or channel, including by crossing with standard Thoroughbred, Arabian, Welsh, New Forest and Connemara.

In the late 1960s precise criteria for selection were established for assessing ponies that would be entering the stud book. In 1972 the Stud Book was created by Jean Lassoux. The Stud Book remained open to newly registered ponies until 1991. This cross-bred pony was given the name French Riding Pony or French Saddle Pony in 1991.


Show jumping, eventing, dressage, driving, trailing, hacking, and racing. This pony is extremely versatile. They are excellent sport ponies.

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