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First Posted Sept 3, 2008
Dec 12, 2010


Bucephalus Coin

Alexander the Great riding Bucephalus

Alexander and Bucephalus in combat at the battle of Issus portrayed in the Alexander Mosaic.

Bucephalus is one of the most well known horses in history. Read about the entire story of Bucephalus and enjoy the tale of this amazing horse. Bucephalus More information on Bucephalus and Alexander the Great can be easily accessed Alexander the Great

Bucephalus ("ox-headed", "ox", and "head") was a type of branding mark anciently used on horses. It was one of the three most common, besides San, and Koppa. Those horses marked with a San were called Samphorai; those with a Koppa, Koppatiai; and those with an ox's head, Bucephali. This mark was stamped on the horse's buttocks, and his harnesses, as appears from the scholiast on Aristophanes's The Clouds, Hesychius, etc. Alexander the Great's horse Bucephalus, was thought to be a Thessalian or a Turkoman Horse. He was named Bucephalus after this brand on its haunch.

San were called Samphorai (Brand looks like an "M")  Koppa were called Kioppatiai (Brand above the red "T" and looks like a "Q")

Ox's head were called Bucephali

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