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Farm Management
First Posted Feb 26, 2008
Jul 22, 2010

Soil Testing/Conservation

The following link will provide you with the information on testing your soil in your pastures. It is an excellent informational article on what is being tested, why, how to read the results, and what the results mean. In most states, if you contact your extension agent, they will help you with soil testing. In many cases there is no charge for the service. Recommendations will be made as to what has to be done to help your pastures grow. Also, if you are planting pastures, for the first time, what you need to do and when the livestock can be grazed. It is very important to wait for the root system of the grass to become established. If you graze too soon, the livestock will pull the grass out by its roots. "A newly seeded pasture field requires 90-120 days of growth before it should be grazed for the first time. This growth time is critical for the roots to become strong enough to withstand grazing. Grasses grazed too soon will be pulled up by the roots by eager livestock." (Kate Norris)

Soil Testing

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