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First Posted: Sept 6, 2010
Sep 7, 2010

Dalby Painters: David, John, Thomas and Joshua

There were several Dalby painters and often time their works get confused. The Dalby's were a family of accomplished painters. "David Dalby" (1794-1836) is known to be the "topographical painter of Yorkshire views and gentleman's seats whose work was engraved in Watts' volume in 1780. It is known that in 1815 he was listed in the York directory as an animal painter living outside Micklegate Bar." He worked primarily for private patrons. The paintings were mostly racehorses and racehorse settings, equestrian portraits and hunting scenes. His paintings were signed "Dalby York," D. Dalby or just Dalby. In 1820, he painted 'The Berkeley Hounds in Kennel,' in 1821 'The London and Edinburgh Mail Coach' and in 1824 he produced a set of three paintings depicting 'Lord Harewood's Hunt.' RaceMi. He was married to Margaret in 1826, was living at 11 Mint Yard, and his son was born. John Bennett, fine paintings

"Some of his paintings are in the style of John Ferneley Snr. by whom he might have been influenced. Even in 1892 some of his pictures sold for considerable sums. 1826 is the earliest record of John Dalby (1826-1853), David's son. Then there was Joshua Dalby--maybe. It is questionable. Some historians believe that Joshua and John were the same painter because their work is so similar. The paintings bearing Joshua's signature are, indeed, rare. Not much is known about any of their lives. In fact, while researching and writing this article I was completely confused. There is much conflicting information. Dates of birth and death are in conflict, as well.

David died August 30, 1836. He was buried at St. Michael le Belfry Church, in York on September 2, 1836.

There are significant differences in David and John's work. David Dalby painted mostly hunting scenes and his work was extremely detailed. His colors were bold and strong; the paintings were full of action. He was strongly influenced by Henry Alken. I was unable to unearth any paintings by Thomas.

David Dalby Paintings

A Fall at the Fence and Over the Ditch, respectively

John Dalby Paintings

A Huntsman and His Hounds and Gold Cup Racehorses, respectively

Jerry With Jocky Up and The Huntsman, respectively

Joshua Dalby Paintings

John Kerr Watson Mounted on A Shooting Pony With His Keeper on the Yorkshire Moors and The York to Hull Mail Coach, respectively

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