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First Posted: Oct 5, 2013
Oct 5, 2013

Fecal Testing in Horses for Parasite Control

Fecal testing in horses can be beneficial in many ways, among them to help in internal parasite control.

Fecal Egg Counts for Horses (FEC) by DePaoloEquine

..."When a veterinarian performs a fecal egg count (FEC) exam, they are looking to establish how many parasite eggs are present in each gram of manure tested--yielding a result called 'eggs per gram,' or EPG. There are no universal standard EPG measures considered 'good' or 'bad.' However, traditionally a horse with an EPG value of 200 to 500 would be considered a candidate for treatment. In a herd, an average EPG value between all horses of 100 to 300 has long been considered the threshold between normal and unusual levels of parasite infestation." ... Fecal Egg Count Exams Offer Useful Information for Horse Health Management

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