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Famous Horse Artists
First Posted: Sept 7, 2010
Sep 7, 2010

Heywood Hardy British Painter

In the 18th century there were many artists who distinguished themselves with sporting paintings. Heywood Hardy, born in Chichester, November 25, 1842, was the youngest son of James Hardy Sr. (1801-1879). His older brother, James Hardy II (1832-1889), was a painter of horses, as well. It was not all smooth sailing for Heywood Hardy during his painting career. He began painting animals in Keynsham but did not do well in this endeavor. He joined the 7th Somerset Volunteers, went on to Paris and entered the École des Beaux-Arts, studied under the battle artist, Pielse and in 1864 visited Antwerp before 1868.

Sharing a studio with Briton Riviere, Heywood Hardy settled in London in 1870. He did quite well at this point in time. He was a member of the Royal Society of Painters and Etchers, the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, was an associate of the Royal Watercolour Society, and worked as an illustrator. His work appeared in the Graphic Magazine and The Illustrated London News. He, along with his family, lived and flourished in the artist area of St. John's Wood in London. His work was sought after and very much in demand.

Among Hardy's patrons were Colonel Wyndham Murray, the Marquis of Zetland and the Sitwells of Renishaw. He became well known for his sensitive paintings of sporting horses and animals. In 1909 Hardy moved to West Sussex. Here he entered into a special phase of his painting career. He began biblical scenes. They consisted of a series of eight panel paintings. These biblical paintings proved to be somewhat controversial at the time. Hardy was eighty three years old. These paintings can still be seen at the Clymping Church. These panels were painted to commemorate the church's 700th anniversary in 1925. Haywood Hardy died in 1933.

The Village Postman and The Rendezvous and Off to the Hunt, respectively

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