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Nickers and Snorts
First Posted Dec 22, 2006
Mar 25, 2010

Horse Classifieds-Glossary of Terms/Nickers and Snorts

  • Event Prospect: Big, fast horse
  • Dressage Prospect: Big, slow horse
  • Pleasure Prospect: Pretty color
  • Sporting Prospect: Short, fast horse
  • Barrel Prospect: Fast horse, which can turn
  • Endurance Prospect: Fast horse which will turn sometimes
  • Flashy: White sock
  • 15.2 hh: 14.3 hh
  • 16.2 hh: 15.3 hh
  • Big trot: Can't canter within a two-mile straightaway
  • Nicely Started: Longes, but we don't have enough insurance to ride him yet
  • Bold: Runaway
  • Good Mover: Runaway
  • Athletic: Runaway
  • Quiet: Lame in both front legs
  • Dead Quiet: Lame in all four legs
  • Good in Traffic (Bombproof): Lame all around, deaf, and blind
  • Pony type: Small and hairy
  • Arab Type: Looks startled
  • Thoroughbred Type: Looks terrified
  • Easy Keeper: Fat
  • Easy to catch: Dead
  • Elegant: Thin
  • Black: Brown and/or dirty
  • Well-Mannered: Hasn't stepped on, run over, bit, or kicked anyone for a week
  • Professionally Trained: Hasn't stepped on, run over, bit, or kicked anyone for a month
  • Clips, Hauls, Loads: Clippity Clippity is the sound his hooves make as he hauls butt across the parking lot when you try to load
  • him.

  • Should Mature 16 hands: Currently 14 hands, dam is 14.2, sire is 14.3, every horse in his pedigree back 18 generations is under 15 hands, but this horse will defy his DNA and grow
  • To Loving Home Only: Expensive
  • To Show Home Only: Very Expensive
  • To Good Home Only: Not really for sale unless you can 1) Pay twice what he is worth 2) are willing to sign a 10 page legal document allowing current owner to tuck in beddy-bye every night
  • For Sale Due to lack of Time: Rider cannot afford to spend any more time in the hospital
  • Any Vet Check Welcome: Please pay for us to find out what the !@#$ is wrong with him!
  • Recently Vetted: Someone else found something really wrong with this horse.
  • Must Sell: Spouse has left home and taken kids
  • All Offers Considered: I am in traction for 6 months

Nickers and Snorts