"Studying diseases across species can benefit horses as well as people. Similarities between veterinary medicine and human medicine abound, particularly when it comes to horses. Horses ...suffer from many of the same conditions people do: cardiovascular disease, salmonellosis, Lyme disease, joint disease, the eye disease uveitis, tendon issues, and cancers such as melanoma. The two species also exhibit similar clinical signs, even though the root conditions can be different. For example, equine grass sickness and Alzheimer's; self-mutilation in horses and cutting disorders in humans; foal rejection in mares and postpartum depression in women; equine metabolic syndrome in horses and diabetes in people; and asthma in humans versus what was classically called heaves in horses. ..."

The list goes on and on. To read the full article from "theHorse please" follow this link: Shared Science: Human and Equine Health Similarities Shared Science: Human and Equine Health Similarities

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Genetic Problems in Horses
First posted: Dec 16, 2017
Last update: Dec 16, 2017