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Horses and Dogs
First Posted: Mar 4, 2012
Mar 4, 2012

Beware of the Dogs

An article in the New Yorker Magazine, February 27, 2012, entitled "Beware of the Dogs," written by Burkhard Bilger, discusses the use of dogs for many purposes. Also in that article is a paragraph that pertains to the training of horses. Below is a quote from that article:

"...That's a Spook Less soundtrack...The system was first developed for stables, he said, and was used by police to get their horses ready for riot squads and other unsettling duties. The recordings could be swapped out to simulate thunderstorms, fireworks, screaming crowds, or construction sites. At one point, after a bombing raid'''I think that's 'Saving Private Ryan'--I heard some bagpipes playing. When I asked what they were for, I was told that police have to attend a lot of funerals...."

Essex Police horses in training
Mounted Patrol Desensitization Training

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Horses and Dogs