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Index/Places to See Horse Related

Every where we travel Bill and I try to seek out horse related experiences. Listed are some in our area and the US that we have visited.

12-08-2011 Assateague and Chincoteague Horses (Ponies)
12-22-2016 Caisson Horses-1/3 Batallion HHC Caisson Platoon
09-18-2010 Farnley Ponies
03-09-2012 Festival of Fire/San Bartolome de Pinares, Spain
01-02-2011 Gari Melchers Museum
06-08-2014 Goodstone Inn and Restaurant in Middleburg, VA
07-28-2010 Kentucky Horse Park
05-29-2013 Hunt Country Stable Tour/2008 Picture Galleries
05-27-2013 Hunt Country Stable Tour/2010
05-27-2013 Hunt Country Stable Tour/2012
05-29-2013 Hunt Country Stable Tour/Middleburg/Upperville/2013
07-28-2010 Kentucky Horse Park
07-28-2010 Kykuit
01-27-2014 Ladew Topiary Gardens
05-27-2013 M.A.R.E. and Foal Center
03-05-2014 Middleburg: Sharon Cemetery
04-03-2011 Morven Park
04-03-2011 Morven Park Equestrian (MPEC)
10-11-2011 Morven Park/The Loudoun Therapeutic Riding Foundation
04-03-2011 Morven Park/About Westmoreland Davis
05-27-2013 Mount Vernon Picture Galleries
07-22-2010 Quarter Horse Museum
03-06-2012 Song of the Horse Nation Exhibit & Galleries
This exhibition is expected to tour nationally through the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service program (SITES).
04-03-2011 Swim Center
01-27-2014 National Museum of Health and Medicine
10-11-2011 The National Sporting Library
10-17-2011 The Sporting Library Museum
09-18-2013 The Sporting Library/Angling in the Western World/September 28, 2013 - March 23, 2014
10-05-2013 Sporting Library/Stunning Contemporary Portrayals of Birds, Animals and Fish Build on Earlier Traditions/Robin Hill and Meg Page, October 12-February 25, 2014, in the Museum and Teaming with Nature: James Prosek October 25, 2013-January 30, 2014, in the Library
10-17-2011 The Sporting Library and Museum Gala
09-18-2013 Scraps: British Sporting Drawings from the Paul Mellon Collection April 6-June 30, 2012
05-27-2013 The National Sporting Library/In the Blacksmith Shop Exhibit and Galleries
01-06-2012 The Sporting Library and Museum Special Awards Press Release
01-27-2012 National Sporting Library & Museum Press Release Jan 27, 2012/Upcoming 2012 Exhibitions
09-08-2012 Virginia Gold Cup 2007/Sound
11-08-2014 US National Library of Medicine
11-07-2014 US NIH Medical Library/The Horse: A Mirror of Man
08-15-2010 Virginia Gold Cup 2007 Steeplechase
05-27-2013 Virginia Gold Cup 2008 Steeplechase
Lindsey's book of VA Gold Cup/2008
Gold Cup 2008 Pictures Picture Galleries
Hats and Cigars Pictures Picture Galleries
09-08-2012 Virginia Gold Cup 2012/Hats, hats, hats!
09-08-2012 Virginia Gold Cup 2012 Ambiance