When one thinks of America and its symbols several come to mind immediately: the bald eagle, the American flag, the Wild West, cowboys, the Conastoga wagons, the American Indians (Native Americans), and, of course, horses. Much of America was built on and by the efforts of our equine friends. More than half of the American presidents used horses for their everyday transportation. The Commander in Chief as well as many diplomats, heads of state, etc., are often photographed on a horse as this is considered by many to be manly. The White House had a horse stable until 19ll. President William Howard Taft ordered that the stable be demolished and had it replaced by a four car garage.

In this section I will be writing about the United States presidents who had a strong love for their horses. Below is a listing of United States Presidents who really had a special interest in hormanship, horses, breeding of horses, war horses, etc. This index will be in a work in progress.

Presidents and Horses/George Washington
Presidents Horses Thomas Jefferson
Presidents Horses/William Henry Harrison
Presidents and Horses/Abraham Lincoln

White House Pets Including Horses
White House Horses

First posted: Aug 12,, 2015
Last update: Jan 21, 2020