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First Posted: Dec 7, 2008
Dec 17, 2012

Horse Gets Head Stuck in Tree

Horse Gets Head Stuck in Tree
By Chris Irvine
Last Updated: 7:01PM BST 20 Oct 2008

A passer-by came to the rescue after he heard the horse whinnying Photo: Wenn

The neighbor was able to carefully set the horse free using a chain saw Photo: Wenn

The young filly needed to be freed from the tree after curiosity got the better of it and it wedged its head between separate sections of the trunk.
The horse, called Gracie, was unable to free itself and could have been in danger were it not for a passer-by who was able to come to the rescue after he heard the horse whinnying.

Jason Harschbarger, a neighbor in the town of Pullman, West Virginia, USA, arrived at the scene which resembled the image of Winnie the Pooh getting stuck in the honey tree.
Mr Harschbarger collected his tools and was able to carefully set the horse free by using a chain saw to slowly cut the wood around its neck.

However, before he did so, he was able to take a few photographs. Fortunately for Gracie, she was able to escape her ordeal with only a few minor injuries and, according to Mr Harschbarger, is on the road to recovery.

Following his rescue operation, Mr Harschbarger told a local television station: "She has a few cuts on her face and ear. Last I heard her jaw was a little dislocated but I think it is healing up and she can eat on her own again."

It remains unclear why Gracie put her head into the gap.

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