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Mar 5, 2013

Insulin Resistance and Iron Overload Link in Horses

"...Researchers from Michigan State University (MSU) recently performed a study to explore the link between IR and iron overload in captive rhinoceroses; however, the team used horses, which have a similar digestive tract to rhinos, as a model for practical reasons (rhinos aren't the easiest animals to work with). They aimed to determine if an association between high ferritin concentrations (indicative of iron stores in the body) and insulin resistance exists in horses. ...
  • Ferritin was positively correlated with peak insulin and insulin AUC (area under the curve, or the length of time insulin and glucose stay elevated);
  • The most significant correlation was found between ferritin and insulin AUC after dextrose administration;
  • Female horses showed a stronger correlation between ferritin and insulin AUC than male horses; and
  • The IR horse had the highest serum ferritin concentration and the highest insulin response. ..."

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