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First Posted: Jan 18, 2009
Jan 21, 2020

Declawing Kittens and Cats

Declawing is an extremely controversial subject. I will not give an opinion in this article, however, I will provide information that may help you in your decision making process. Many feline guardians are faced with the question of declawing. Declawing is done for a variety of reasons. The primary reasons for declawing are property damage, the risk of injury to people or other pets, the welfare of a family member with a compromised immune system due to HIV, immunosuppressive therapy, diabetes, etc.

I will provide web sites that give both points of view about declawing. You must come to terms with whatever decision you make.

Is Declawing Really Cruel?

Supporting Scientific Research

Views that Declawing is Unacceptable

Many people are strongly against declawing. The following link is a comprehensive one that gives an overview.
Against Declawing

Declawing Your Feline Debate Continues

Slide Show of Declawing

Laser Declawing Slide Show

I could not find a slide show or video of the older surgical method of declawing.

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