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Jan 21, 2020

Horse Law Cases

The following may prove to be helpful to you, however, remember that laws may be different from state to state or even from county to county. Make sure to check the laws where you live!

Law Cases for Horsemen

"This area consists of law cases from courts throughout the United States that deal with horses, horse people, the horse industry, and horse accidents.

The law cases in this area are provided as general information only and are not intended to be legal advice. You should not rely on them in planning your business or personal activities without first consulting an attorney in your state.

One can learn a great deal about safe horsemanship practices by reading law cases in which horse accidents have been litigated. From reading these cases, one can also learn a great deal about the safety and business practices that the law demands of professionals and others engaged in the business of horses.

This area is updated periodically when new cases are decided."

Some of the topics that are included are:

Cruelty to Horses
Equine Activity Laws
Ground Accidents
Horse/Car Collisions
Horse Injuries & Illnesses
Horse Racing
Injuries to Children
Landowner's Liabilities
Land Use Disputes
Liability Releases
Mounted Accidents
Sales & Contract Disputes
Wild Horses

Horse Law Articles

Articles include:

How Good is Your Release Form?
Dealing with Accidents with Children
Equine Activity Statutes: What They Do and Don't Do
Horses and Highways: A Tragic Mixture
Land Occupiers' Liabilities

Dangerous Propensities and Your Liability
What to Do When There Is an Accident
Mounted Accidents--A Quiz
Fencing Laws
Are Your Horse Expenses Tax Deductible?

Feral Horses and Tort Law: Adopting BLM Mustangs
Insurance and the Horseman
The Volunteer Protection Act of 1997
Liens for the Care of Horses
Hey, Mister, Is This Your Manure Pile?

Your Horse, Equine Infectious Anemia, and the Law
To Rescue a Starving Horse
Enacting a Helmet Ordinance
Equine Activity Statutes: Part One of An Update
Equine Activity Statutes: Part Two of An Update

Equine Activity Statutes: Part Three of An Update
Equine Activity Statutes: Part Four of An Update
Riding Instructor's Legal Liability for Injuries to Students During Lessons: Part One
Riding Instructor's Legal Liability for Injuries to Students During Lessons: Part Two
Riding Instructor's Legal Liability for Injuries to Students During Lessons: Part Three

Dear, What Will Become of Ol' Dobbin After We've Gone?
What Do You Mean Written Notice? I Posted the Sign!
Equine Activity Statutes: The Spectator Rules
Watch Your Fences: A Horseman's Guide to the Law of Adverse Possession

Equine Activity Statutes: The Capsule Evaluation
The Uneasy Relationship Between Equine Activity Statutes and Releases from Liability

Horsemen Safety Articles

Information includes:

Books/Video Reviews
Harmony Between Horse " Rider
Guest Ranches/Trail Rides/Camps
Horse Injuries " Illnesses
Horse Showing
Horse Training
Injuries to Persons
Legal Liability
Letters to Editor
Litigation Corner
Riding Instruction
Safety Equipment
Stable Management/Design

Brand Laws

Agricultural Protection Acts
Brand Laws
Cruelty to Animals Acts
Equine Activity Statutes
Equine Infectious Anemia
Helmet Laws
Liens for Care of Horses
Liens for Service to Horses
Livestock Laws
Recreational Use Statutes
Riding on Public Roads

Equine Protection Network

Working, etc.-Animal unfit for work
Causing injury or suffering by willful negligence
Bull-baiting, etc
Causing avoidable or unnecessary pain or suffering to any animal
Using or employing animal brought to be destroyed
Causing unnecessary suffering in killing any animal
Using animal under two years and a half
Docking or nicking tails of horses, etc.
Keeping animals for trap shooting, etc.
Arrest of offenders
Seizure and production of animal before court
Destruction of injured animals
Penalty-Slaughtering of animal by order of court
Recovery of expense of slaughtering and removing any animal
Recovery and enforcement of penalties
Detention of animal by order of court and maintenance of such animal
Non-liability, except for gross negligence of any officer of Society
Disposal of unclaimed animal