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First Posted: Jan 4, 2009
Last Update:Feb 5, 2014

Common Horse Skin Problems

Pastern dermatitis, mud fever, grease heel, dew poisoning, scratches, grapes, canker, and verrucous pododermatitis

According to The Merck Veterinary Manual: "Scratches is a chronic, seborrheic (flaky skin) dermatitis characterized by hypertrophy (enlargement of the skin cells) and exudation (oozing) on the caudal (rear) surface of the pastern and fetlock. It often is associated with poor stable hygiene, but no specific cause is known. Heavy horses are particularly susceptible (potentially because their feathered legs can trap dirt and moisture), and the hind limbs are affected more commonly."


Horse Biting Lice
Lice Photos/Merck Vet Manua

Horse Sucking Lice
Lice Photos/Merck Vet Manual


Photo/Merck Vet Manual

Rainrot, Rain Scald, Streptothricosis, Dermatophilus Congolensis



Mange Photo/Merck Vet Manual

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