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First Posted: Apr 11, 2009
Last Update:May 9, 2016

Neurological Diseases in Horses

Milne/Neurological Disease in Horses link provides information on some of the neurological diseases in horses such as Wobbler Syndrome, EPM, EHV-1 (Equine Herpes Virus) and West Nile Virus.

Spinal Cord Compression in Horses (CVCM), and Equine Degenerative Myelopathy provide more information on neurological diseases in the horse.

Neuroaxonal Dystrophy in Quarter Horses: Case Series (AAEP 2010)
Neurozxonal dystrophy in Quarter Horses

Another disease that can present with neurological symptoms is Lyme Disease. It is not addressed in the Milne link.
Other parasites can cause neurological problems in horses such as Neck Threadworms (Onchocera) (Microfilariae).

Medical Index