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Nickers and Snorts
First Posted Oct 14, 2009
Jul 30, 2010

Definition of A Horse

My friend, Margie, sent this "definition of a horse" to me and I wanted to share it.

The first thing you have to know about horses is that they are a four legged species of mammal looking for an inconvenient and expensive way to die.
That's it. Check any dictionary or biology text book, that's the definition of equus caballus, G-d's honest truth.
In between they may eat, sleep and reproduce and we may get great pleasure out of interacting and riding them, but they NEVER forget their true purpose on this planet and neither should you.
All fencing is dangerous. All stabling is dangerous. All lack of stabling and fencing is dangerous. Any combination in between is more dangerous. Any day that ends without a horse accomplishing his true purpose on life is just a day they decided to perfect the plan a bit more before executing.
Once you accept this, you will find inner equine peace.

The Great Zen Horse God, Die-us Nowus Expensivus

PS - we would totally be extinct without you fool humans! kthxbai!

Nickers and Snorts