"OSPHOS® is an injectable bisphosphonate solution for the control of clinical signs associated with navicular syndrome in horses four years of age and older. OSPHOS® inhibits bone resorption by binding to calcium phosphate crystals (inhibiting their formation and dissolution) and by exerting direct cellular effects on osteoclasts. Dechra's OSPHOS® has the unique advantage of intramuscular injection and is a ready-to-use solution that does not require mixing or reconstitution. In clinical trials evaluating 86 horses, clinical improvement is most evident at 2 months post-treatment with 74.7% of the horses experiencing improvement in their lameness score. For horses that initially respond to OSPHOS®, it may be readministered at 3-to 6-month intervals based on recurrence of clinical signs. The improvement seen in lameness scores during the OSPHOS® field trial was achieved in the absence of concurrent corrective shoeing, pain medication or NSAIDs." Dechra

FDA Provides Equine Veterinarians with Important Information about TILDREN and OSPHOS for Navicular Syndrome in Horses Tildren (tiludronate) requires a 90-minute intravenous infusion protocol for administration.

First posted: Mar 7, 2015
Last update: Mar 7, 2015