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First Posted: May 5, 2010
Oct 11, 2010

George Washington Sheperd or Shepherd (Outlaw)

George Washington Sheperd or Shepherd

Sheperd's Gravesite

George Washington Sheperd (or Shepherd). Born January 5, 1840 in Missouri. With Quantrill. Married to Martha Sanders, John Jarrette's cousin (her first husband was Dick Maddox, married March 1861, he was killed shortly after the war's end). Convicted of the Russellville, Kentucky bank robbery, served three years in prison. Wife remarried while he was in prison, apparently without first obtaining a divorce from George. Sheperd is said to have killed James Anderson (brother of "Bloody Bill" Anderson) in Texas. At one point claimed he had killed Jesse James. Died February 23, 1917.

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