Although The Master Saddlers Association recommends a Certified Saddle Fitter to fit a saddle there are a number of points they use to evaluate a saddle fit. It is really important that a saddle fit your horse as well as yourself. An ill fitting saddle can do great damage to your horse causing discomfort, attitude changes and behavioral changes. When fitting a saddle it is important that your horse be on level ground, head and neck straight forward, squared, no pad used with saddle in direct contact with the horse's back and both sides of the horse must be checked. No living thing is completely symmetrical.

These are the steps that The Master Saddlers Association recommends:
  1. Position Of The Saddle
  2. Angle Of The Points
  3. Panel Pressure and Contact
  4. Pommel To Cantle Relationship
  5. Level Seat
  6. Wither Clearance
  7. Channel Clearance/Gullet Width
  8. 6 and 7 with the rider in the saddle, checking for adequate clearance over the withers and spine
  9. Saddle Stability
  10. Seat Length
  11. Horse Response

For further explanation of what each of these steps mean and how to evaluate them: Points of Saddle Fitting

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First posted: Jan 25, 2016
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