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Nov 6, 2014

New Breakthrough Research Developments at Equinome - Specific Gene Thought to Determine Athletic Ability

UCD Dublin - School of Agriculture, Food Science & Veterinary Medicine

"Equinome, a leading equine genomics company, today announced the publication of four scientific papers by Equinome and University College Dublin researchers which describe significant advances in the understanding of the genes that contribute to athletic performance in Thoroughbred horses. ...

According to Dr Hill, "The ongoing, rapid developments in genomics technology are facilitating the identification of the key genetic variants that contribute to the athletic phenotype. Importantly, we have confirmed the importance of the Equinome Speed Gene Test marker in the context of the entire genome and have shown that the genetic marker used in our test is fifteen times more powerful in determining optimum racing distance than the next most sensitive marker." She added, "As well as this, our new findings will be central to the development of future tests for elite performance ability, which we plan to launch in 2011."...