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Horse Facts and Tips
First Posted Jan 8, 2010
Aug 3, 2010

Development of the Horse Timeline

by Bev Davis

I have contacted the author, Bev Davis, asking permission to use her paper on HorseHints. She kindly gave her permission. This link will take you directly to the Sino-Platonic Papers site where it appears Development of the Horse Timeline. The download takes time, so be patient. If you have a dial-up connection you are probably out of luck for pdf download; however a more friendly html version is Development of the Horse Timeline. Bev Davis also wrote in her e-mail response that there were some minor mistakes in the paper. Please see them below. Enjoy!

Please note there are three minor mistakes. One involves Hadrian wall. The first troops sent to Northern England were to guard the frontier where the wall would eventually be built, Dr. Olsen thinks 100,000 is a better number than 10,000 at the French kill site. And one of the Persian kings is out of order, but Dr. Olmstead did not know of the existance of this man when he wrote his books on the Histories of the Persian Empire.

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