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First Posted: July 6, 2007
Dec 10, 2014

Toxic Plants to the Equine

by Debora Johnson

The Veternary Medicine Library has an extensive listing of plants that are toxic to animals, including the horse. It is the most comprehensive listing that I have ever seen in my internet research. The library is complete with pictures to help with identification as well. The following are the classifications that are covered:

  • Descriptions - Pictures of the plants as well as a written description.

  • Distribution - The geographic area where each plant is found.

  • Conditions of Poisoning - When and how the poisoning is most likely to occur.

  • Control - The most efficient way to eradicate the offending plant.

  • Toxic Principle - Which animals are affected by each poisonous plant?

  • Clinical Signs - How do you recognize that your horse has been poisoned?

  • Other References - Suggested further reading.

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