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Aug 15, 2010

Whorls, Swirls, Crown, Cowlick or Trichoglyph

"Hair whorls come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and positions!

A whorl, (also called a swirl, crown, cowlick or trichoglyph), is where the hair grows in the opposite direction from the hair surrounding it. Most horses have one somewhere on their face, although the position and shape varies. The whorl can be high, between the eyes, or low on the horse's face and be big, small, round, long, messy...some horses can even have two or more..."

The following link will tell you all you want to know and can imagine about whorls. I first realized that there were more to whorls than just appearance when researching an article on the Marwari Horse. I came across the word "devman" and did not know what it meant. Enjoy! Whorls