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First Posted: Sept 6, 2010
Mar 6, 2012

Horses, Art and History

The following links will provide you with in depth information about horses, art and history. I feel that there is no need for me to rewrite this information on HorseHints as it already exists and his well done. So enjoy and just follow the links provided:

Horse Art History

Horse Art History
Early Oriental Horse Art
Horse Art in Medieval Times
Renaissance Horse Art
Horse Art and the Baroque Age
Horse Art Eighteenth Century
Horse Art Nineteenth Century

Illustrations of Ancient Horse Art:

Fragment from Mausoleum at Halicarnassus
Ancient French Caves
Parthenon - Image of "Horse of Selene" by Phidias
lst Century Art - Roman Chariot
Marcus Aurelius at Capitoline Museum, Rome
Sixth Century - Broach of a Horse
375 BC - Amazons on Horse Back
Horses of Saint Mark's Basilica Venice, Italy
Prehistoric Art

Kids/Big Kids Corner