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First Posted: Feb 19, 2012
Aug 23, 2018

Index/Kids and Big Kids Historical and Varied Information of Interest

Kids and Big Kids Historical and Varied Information of Interest

09-08-2012 African-Americans in Racing (Horsemen)
09-08-2012 African Americans/UK Features Projects on African-Americans in Kentucky's Equine History
Mar 6, 2012
Art, History and Horses
09-08-2012 Animal Sounds
Mar 6, 2012 Birds and Bird Songs
Mar 6, 2012 Black Beauty
Mar 8, 2018 Black Jack
Mar 8, 2018 Black Jack/President Kennedy's Funeral
Dec 22, 2016 Caisson Horses-1/3 Batallion HHC Caisson Platoon
How Do Chameleons Change Color? (Not horse related but really interesting!)
"Photonic Crystals Cause Active Colour Change in Chameleons"
Mar 7, 2012 Carousels and Merry-Go-Rounds
Mar 10, 2012 Carousels Images
Mar 7, 2012 Carousels Terminology
Aug 27, 2014 Carriage Horses
09-08-2012 Cave Paintings at Pech-Merle
09-08-2012 Cave Paintings at Lascaux
09-08-2012 Cartooning - Learn How to Draw A Cartoon Horse and lots of other stuff!
09-08-2012 Chinese History and the Horse
Feb 15, 2014 Chinese New Year/2014 Year of the Horse
Mar 6, 2012 Egyptian Hieroglyphics/To English
09-08-2012 Equine Science for Kids
09-08-2012 Extinction Website
09-08-2012 Fossil Horses in Cyberspace
09-08-2012 Horse Fun for Kids
09-08-2012 How to Make a Horse Mask
09-08-2012 Horse Breeds Puzzle Zone
09-08-2012 Horses on Stamps from Around the World
09-08-2012 Horse Trivia - Which breed of horse or pony?
Mar 6, 2012 Horse's Prayer
Mar 16, 2014 Joey, of WarHorse, meets Providence Mounted Command Horses
Mar 6, 2012 Middle Ages and the Horse
Mar 17, 2015 Perfume and Horses
Mar 6, 2012 Pony Express
Mar 6, 2012 Prehistoric Horse Skeleton Unearthed
Feb 19, 2012 Prehistoric Spotted Horses and DNA in Cave Art
Feb 21, 2014 Reckless War Horse
Mar 6, 2012 Reliefs and Horses
Mar 6, 2012 Renaissance Festival/Texas
Jan 3, 2015 Riderless Horse
Mar 6, 2012 Safety Rules for Children/Around Horses
Mar 6, 2012 Snow Horse
Mar 6, 2012 Song of the Horse Nation Museum Exhibit
Sep 19, 2010 Terracotta Soldiers and Horses of China
Aug 12, 2015 White House Animals Throughout History
Aug 12, 2015 White House Horse History
Feb 1, 2011 William Tell Overature/Rossini
Dec 30, 2014 Wonder Horses

Outlaws of the Americas

09-08-2012 Outlaws of the American West
Mar 6, 2012 American Outlaws of the 1800s

09-08-2012 Anderson, William T. or Bloody Bill
09-08-2012 Apache Kid, Has-kay-bay-nay-ntayl or White Mountain Apache
09-08-2012 Billy the Kid (Born Henry McCarty)
09-08-2012 Blue Duck or Bluford Duck
09-08-2012 Brocius, William or Curly Bill
09-08-2012 Bushwackers/Quantrill's Raiders (Confederate Bushwackers)
09-08-2012 Cassidy, Butch or Robert LeRoy Parker
09-08-2012 Clanton Brothers, Billy, John, Phin and Ike
09-08-2012 Dalton Brothers
09-08-2012 Dunlop,Jack AKA John Dunlop, John Patterson and "Three Fingered Jack"
Oct 11, 2010 Evans, Christopher/Outlaw
09-08-2012 The Ford Brothers: Charles and Robert
09-08-2012 Hite, Robert Woodson or "Wood" Hite
09-08-2012 James Brothers: Jesse and Frank
09-08-2012 Legends of America - A Travel Site for the Nostalgic & Historic Minded
09-08-2012 Longabaugh, Harry or the (Sundance Kid)
09-08-2012 McLaury Brothers: Tom McLaury, Frank McLaury and Billy Blanton
09-08-2012 Miller Brothers: Edward, Clell, and Jim Outlaws
Oct 11, 2010 Newcomb, George "Bittercreek"/Outlaw
09-08-2012 Parker, Robert LeRoy or Cassidy, Butch
09-08-2012 Pinkerton National Detective Agency
09-08-2012 Charlie Pitts (Outlaw) or Sam Wells
09-08-2012 Quantrill's Raiders (Confederate Bushwackers)
09-08-2012 Ringo, John AKA Ringgold
09-08-2012 Sheperd, George Washington or Shepherd
09-08-2012 Harry Longabaugh (Sundance Kid)
Oct 11, 2010 Vásquez, Tiburcio
09-08-2012 Index/Cowboys Around the World - The history of the "cowboy" is global! Yes, there are cowboys all over the world. They may not be referred to as cowboy but will have other names depending upon the country that they represent. This section of HorseHints will be an ongoing one. I shall be researching and adding articles. I Hope that you enjoy this section and share it with your children. One could define a cowboy as: one who tends cattle or horses no matter what country.

Black Cowboys of the United States (1800's)

... "American cowboys were drawn from multiple sources. By the late 1860s, following the American Civil War and the expansion of the cattle industry, former soldiers from both the Union and Confederacy came west, seeking work, as did large numbers of restless white men in general. A significant number of African-American freedmen also were drawn to cowboy life, in part because there was not quite as much discrimination in the west as in other areas of American society at the time. A significant number of Mexicans and American Indians already living in the region also worked as cowboys. Later, particularly after 1890, when American policy promoted 'assimilation' of Indian people, some Indian boarding schools also taught ranching skills. Today, some Native Americans in the western United States own cattle and small ranches, and many are still employed as cowboys, especially on ranches located near Indian Reservations. The 'Indian Cowboy' also became a commonplace sight on the rodeo circuit.

Because cowboys ranked low in the social structure of the period, there are no firm figures on the actual proportion of various races. One writer states that cowboys were '...of two classes-those recruited from Texas and other States on the eastern slope; and Mexicans, from the south-western region...' Census records suggest that about 15% of all cowboys were of African-American ancestry-ranging from about 25% on the trail drives out of Texas, to very few in the northwest. Similarly, cowboys of Mexican descent also averaged about 15% of the total, but were more common in Texas and the southwest. Other estimates suggest that in the late 19th century, one out of every three cowboys was a Mexican vaquero, and 20% may have been African-American." ...

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