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First Posted: June 26, 2009
Dec 16, 2014

Abyssinian Horse aka Oromo or Gala Horse

Abyssinian aka Oromo or Gala Horse

Country of Origin: Ethiopia
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They generally stand around 13.3 hands high but show wide variability in coloration, size and conformation. The Abyssinian, also known as the Gala, is a light horse breed that originated in Ethiopia. They are bred to work in hot climates. The coat is short and harsh. It has "rosettes" and ridges. The Abyssinian Horse also has a moustache around its nose. Many breeders, especially those in England, have worked to improve this rosette pattern. Because the hair grows in so many directions, it can be hard to brush, and great care must be taken to keep the coat clean and free of dirt. Most are green eyed, due to uncommon genes. Their temprament is gentle, willing and able.

Breed History

The Abyssinian has spread from Ethiopia along the coastline of the Red Sea. The breed was first exported to England in 1861. Today they are found all around the area of the Red Sea. The Abyssinian Horse is one of the oldest breeds of record. Its bloodlines have been diluted with a wide variety of different breeds that still carry the Abyssinian characteristics.


Despite its small size, the Abyssinian has been bred for strength and for the ability to live and work in mountainous areas. They are also used for pleasure and for show.


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