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First Posted: June 7, 2012
May 7, 2013

Argentine-Anglo Horse

Country of Origin: Argentina


The need for a light sport horse was the genesis for the Argentine-Anglo. Criollo mares and English Thoroughbred stallions were crossed to produce the Anglo-Argentine sport horse. These horses are only bred in Argentina. The cross produced excellent, world renowned, polo ponies. It has been about fifty years, now, since this breed was created.


These horses have medium heads, long necks, sloping shoulders, well developed croups, longer backs, solid leg bones, and hard hooves. Their height varies from 14.3 to 15.3. They tend to be refined like the Thoroughbred in appearance. The Argentine-Anglo Sport Horse is spirited, energetic, has good endurance and is intelligent. They are of solid temperament. Their coat colors are chestnut, gray or bay.


Show, pleasure and polo pony.

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