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First Posted: June 30, 2009
May 7, 2013

Avelignese Pony


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Country of Origin: Italy

The tough and hardy Avelignese Pony is said to the Italian version of the Austrian/Italian Haflinger


The Avelignese is referred to as a coldblood which is a generic name for the heavy European breeds. It is a strong work horse and is the sister pony to the Italian Haflinger. It was bred more than 3000 years in Turkenistan and can withstand harsh, hot desert conditions. The temperament is placid and robust. The Avelignese is loyal and strong. The pony stands 13.3 hh - 14 hh. Color is usually chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail. The mane and tail are thick. There is feathering on the lower legs.

Physical Description

The Avelignese has short legs, solid bone and strong hooves,a small head, strong shoulders It is sure footed and is well suited for mountain work. The body of the Avelignese is muscular, its chest is broad, the neck is thick but long, the withers are low,the back is broad and long, and the pony's frame is well suited for harness. The pony is also used as a pack animal, for trekking, as well as pleasure and endurance riding. It is often used in agricultural work as well.


The initial beginnings are said to be Italy, however, the pony is now bred in Austria. Careful and selective breeding has maintained the desirable traits to survive.


l. Prehistoric Forest Horse 2. Arabian (Traced back to El Badavi, an infamous Arabian sire)

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