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Baguio Light Horse

Image: Creative Commons/
Baguio Light Horse and Pony

Country of Origin: Philippines

Breed History

The Baguio Light Horse and the Baguio Pony hail from the same origins: Horses brought by the Chinese, Brazilians and other South American traders. The animals were abandoned when the traders left the islands. From these beginnings came the Baguio Light Horse and the Baguio Pony. Environmental and climate conditions resulted in a hardy and disease resistant breed.


The average hight of the breed is 13.2-14 hands. Conformationally they have rough heads, short necks, beveled shoulders, medium backs, long tails, thick manes, hard hooves, excellent temperaments, kind eyes, easy keepers, kind, forgiving, intelligent and willing. They come in all colors except appaloosa.


The main uses of these equids is tourism, trailing, riding, racing and transportation. It should be noted that those who care for these horses and ponies are called "pony boys". The ponies are often decorated and their manes and tails are often painted brilliant colors as a tourist attraction.

First posted: Apr 17, 2015
Last update: Apr 17, 2015