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First Posted July 31, 2009
Sep 17, 2010

Chinese Pony

There is no breed in China known as the "Chinese Pony." A number of horses come from China and are as distinct as the Thoroughbred, the Quarter Horse, the Tennessee Walking Horse, etc. There are three types of breeds in China: native breeds, introduced breeds, and developed breeds. The types are Mongolian, Southwest, Hequ, Tibet, and Kazakh. Among these types there are over 30 different breeds in China now being improved all the time. All but one breed are considered horses. The only one considered a pony breed is the Guoxia. China has more than one sixth of the world's population of horses.

The "Chinese Pony" is from the Mongolian and Asian Wild Horse.

Physical Description

Chinese ponies are typically a primitive yellow dun with a black eel stripe, dark points, and zebra stripes on the legs, although sometimes other solid colors do occur. This ponies tend to be hardy, surefooted and strong, easy keepers, with a deep body and upright shoulders. Their hindquarters are short and sloping and the legs are sturdy and fine. The temperaments are often difficult. They can be stubborn and nasty. Chinese ponies generally stand between 12 and 13 hh at the withers.


Light farm work, transportation, pack work, and occasionally riding.


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International Encyclopedia of Horse Breeds - By Bonnie Lou Hendricks

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