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First Posted June 24,2009
Sep 17, 2010

Colorado Ranger Horse

Country of Origin: United States

The Colorado Rangerbred was named for its Colorado High Plains origin. Despite appearances, the Rangerbred is not a type of Appaloosa. It has its own unique heritage. However, many Rangerbreds are double-registered with the Appaloosa Horse Clubs of both the United States and Canada. There is a one in ten chance that an Appaloosa is a "Lost" Rangerbred. The Ranger horse was bred for cow savvy and performance capabilities.

The Colorado Ranger Horse Association has no color preference. Some of CRHA registered horses display Appaloosa Characteristics and coloration and some do not. "Color is a fickle jade. It is merely pigment in the skin. It cannot be ridden. Fads fade. Bloodlines endure."

To meet registration requirements, a horse's lineage must trace directly to the foundation sires: Patches #1Z and/or Max #2Z. Patches (a direct descendant of Leopard & Linden Tree-horses given to Ulysses S. Grant by the Sultan Abdul Hamid of Turkey) was purchased from the Whipple Ranch. Max (a son of the renown Waldron Leopard) came from the Governor Oliver Shoup ranch at Colorado Springs.

This finely breed was developed by Mike Ruby, who kept meticulous records on every offspring he bred. These records include foaling dates, coat patterns and complete pedigrees. The ledgers (handwritten) that Ruby made are still in existence today and all CRHA horses are still recorded by hand in these ledgers. Modern files are also kept.

One of the great triumphs that came to Mike Ruby during his colorful lifetime was the personal invitation that was extended to him in 1934 by the National Western Stock Show Commission in Denver to bring a pair of his Colorado Ranger Stallions to the National Western for exhibition in the Coliseum. The horses chosen (Leopard and Fox) created a distinct sensation and caught the approving eye of the Colorado State University faculty members who urged the adoption of the name, Colorado Rangers - Colorado horses bred under range conditions. Thus the breed was officially named.

Ruby founded the CRHA in 1935 with charter in 1938 and was its first president until his death (death came to Mike Ruby one cold November while gathering horses).

The passing of Mr. Ruby was not the passing of the Ranger horse. The Association is alive and well today and registering horses with the blood of Patches and Max in their lineage.

The home office has moved many times over the past 50 plus years. During the weekend event the members not only enjoy a two day show with almost 70 classes, but they can attend the National membership meeting, the Banquet and the CRHA auction. Besides these activities, the members enjoy just plain good camaraderie. The CRHA is a family of members who enjoy their horses and the company of other Rangerbred people. This week-end event is not only a Show but a family reunion of sorts.

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