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First Posted June 24,2009
Sep 17, 2010

Curly Haired Missouri Fox Trotter - Gaited

19 year old stallion, Walker's Curly T
Curly Missouri Foxtrotters

Country of Origin: United States

Interesting Facts

  • Hypo allergenic
  • Two types of coat types
  • One coat type of coat has a recessive curly gene
  • The second type of coat type has a dominant curly gene
  • A horse from dominant curly gene breeding will look curly coated even if they get a curly gene from only one parent. These horses will have an unbroken line of curly coated horses going back through their pedigree.
  • Curly haired Fox Trotters have excellent bloodlines
  • "Genes work in pairs, one gene comes from each parent. A recessive gene does not cause curly coat when a horse only has one. So a horse can be a "carrier" of the recessive curly gene and you cannot tell by looking at the horse. When two "carrier" horses are bred to each other, there is a possibility that each will contribute the recessive curl gene to the foal. If the foal gets the curl gene from each parent - you have a curly haired foal out of two normal haired parents."
  • Curlies that are recessive gened often shed their mane and tail in the summer
  • In the winter they generally have an extremely curly coat.
  • Recessive gene curlies may not produce curly offspring.
  • Bashkir/or American Curly Horse - these are being bred with Curly Fox Trotters comfortable gait.

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