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Horse Breeds
First Posted: June 24, 2009
Dec 14, 2014


The above image came to me in an e-mail with the note below:
I spent time in the Sahel and collected a few photos on horses. I just know some were breeds, but I had no idea what breed back in the 1960-70's. So attached is a photo of two D'jerma horses. Hope this goes through. Just a note, the photo of the West African Barb was taken at the independence day parade in Niamey in 1967.

Niger Flag (also found in West Africa)

Western Africa and the middle of the Niger is where the Djerma horse is found. It originated from the Barb and Dongola breeds. Its build is light. The color is dark-usually brown. The name Djerma comes from the tribes people of Djerma. To own a Djerma horse, in Africa, is considered a sign of wealth. These horses are held in high esteem in Africa especially by the tribes people. Their owners adorn the animals with colorful fabrics, fringes, braids, etc. The riders adorn themselves, as well. These horses can be seen "decked out" in parades festooned with the royal colors of red, burgundy, purple and blue.

Although this breed is small it has a really fast gait. They are fine runners. Because of the animal's smaller size and good temperament, some are breeding the Djerma to be used by children and women and sold outside the country. There are mixed feelings about this in Africa as many feel the Djerma Horse should be kept within the country as a symbol of pride.

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Horse Breeds