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First Posted June 24, 2009
Sep 17, 2010

Dutch Warmblood Breed


Country of Origin: Holland
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The Dutch Warmblood is a cross between two indigenous Dutch breeds: the Gelderlander and the Groningen. Developed and promoted as one of Europe's greatest post war competition breeds, the Dutch Warmblood has indeed proven itself in competition.

Physical Description

This horse was specifically developed as a competition level horse and, as such, is of excellent conformation. The focus of breeders has been to create an excellent riding horse with a good, sloping shoulder, strong quarters, and sound legs. The body is relatively compact, a result of its Thoroughbred influence, as is the head. The Dutch Warmblood stands at around 16 hands high. Breeders look to produce a horse of great action and even temperament.


As stated above, the Dutch Warmblood is the result of crossing the Gelderlander with the Groningen and refining the horse with Thoroughbred. The Gelderlander gave the Dutch Warmblood its excellent forequarters, itself known as a strong carriage horse. The Groningen is a heavier horse primarily used for farm work but also used as a heavyweight riding horse. Under strict selection, the Warmblood progenitors are chosen according to conformation, action, and temperament with the end goal of producing ideal sports horses.

Interesting Facts

The Dutch Warmblood has proven itself to be a strong competition horse in the areas of show-jumping and dressage. The stallion Marius is considered to be one of the greatest show-jumpers of recent years, with Dutch Courage proving itself in the dressage arena.


1. Gelderlander 2. Groningen 3. Thoroughbred

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