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First Posted June 25, 2009
Sep 18, 2010

Egyptian Horse


Country of Origin: Egypt

Egyptian Arabian Connection

"The subconscious connection between man and horse is rooted in our histories. It would not be an exaggeration to say that without the horse the Arab bedouin would not - in all probability - have thrived in one of the most harsh and unforgiving regions of the world. And the archetypal horse continues today to figure prominently in our dreams. For centuries we have possessed and been possessed by it. What American didn't have dreams as a child of the cowboy lifestyle we grew up watching played out on TV and reading about in the pages of our favorite books: Man - or woman - and a trusty horse? Therefore it's no surprise that the classic Arabian horse, this archetypal horse of our dreams and companion to a nomadic people, continues today to inspire devotion unique in all the horse industry. Of all the Arabian breeders who breed to protect this precious gene pool, it isn't easy to dismiss the passionate advocates of the straight Egyptian Arabian.

"The desert horse painted in 19th Century Europe depicted creatures so stunning they appeared unreal," observes Two Silos Farm's Gail Mailloux. "Could they have been that beautiful? Did horses like that ever really exist? The answer is 'yes.' The good news is they still exist today. The not-so-good news is they are very rare."

How rare? Though in fact all light horse breeds trace their ancestry back to this noble desert horse, it is more rare today than many of the other breeds it helped to create. Further, of the over half a million registered Arabian horses in North America, less than 2% of living purebred Arabians are classified as straight Egyptian. This means simply that they trace back to the legendary herds of the pashas of Egypt, noted in the entire world for their classic beauty.

The ways one can own a piece of the romance that is the Egyptian Arabian horse are varied. Among them: showing, riding, breeding, and of course, simply calling them family."

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