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First Posted June 27, 2009
Sep 18, 2010

Fouta or Foutanké

A Fouta in Saint-Louis, Senegal

Country of Origin: Senegal
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A Fouta, also known as a Foutanké, is a breed of light horse from Senegal in West Africa. It is a composite of the Fleuve and M'Bayar Pony breeds.

The M'Bayar is a pony breed from the Baol region of Senegal. It is thought to have evolved from the Barb. The M'Bayar is usually bay or chestnut in color. The Fleuve is a light horse breed found in the Senegal area of western Africa. It was formed by crossing Barb horses with the local pony breed.

While most Senegalese horses are relatively lightly built, owing to their common Arabian ancestry, there are some more heavily framed animals. These prove less stressed by the constant pulling of heavily laden carts.

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