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First Posted July 6, 2009
Sep 18, 2010

Furioso Horse Breed

Country of Origin: Hungary


The Furioso was a major breed developed at the Mezohegys farm in 1784. One of the foundations sires was "Furioso" who was an english Thoroughbred stallion. Furioso was born in 1836 and set for stud in 1841. Another foundation sire was "North Star" who was born in 1844. He was set for stud in 1850, at age six. His bloodlines could be traced to Norfolk roadster and he was descended from a 1793 Derby winner, "Waxy," grandson of "Eclipse." The mares were mostly Nonius. The descendants of North Star were excellent harness race horses. The two lines merged around 1885 and the Furioso progeny dominated. The offspring of Furioso had more thoroughbred blood and made better riding horses.


Furioso colors are usually black, bay or brown. However, any solid color is acceptable. They are 16 hh with fairly good conformation. The head is not coarse but rather fine like a thoroughbred, the neck is elegant, the shoulder slope good, the wither tends to be high. They tend to have a short coupling with strong back, a fairly deep girth and chest, strong sound limbs, and good hard hooves. Their temperament is generally calm and wanting to please. They tend to have an animated movement that makes them excellent for riding or driving. They are good in competitions. The Csikos horse herders of Hungary, World famous for there displays of trick riding, often use the Furioso breed.

This horse can be found in Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. The breed is in peril. Efforts are being made to save the breed. The Furioso-North Star Horse Breeders Association was formed. Two farms, the Hod-Mezogazda Rt. Aranyagi farm and the Taltos Panzio farm in Bugac, are home to many free roaming Furioso horses.

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