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First Posted June 30, 2009
Jun 25, 2014

Gypsy Vanner also known as a Gypsy Cob (USA and UK), Colored Cob (UK), Irish Cob, or Tinker Horse


Countries of Origin: England and Ireland


The love affair between Gypsies and their horses is legendary. A vision was born over half a century ago to create a very special horse. A magical horse. A horse to pull the colorful caravans the Gypsy calls home. A perfect caravan horse is strong, intelligent, docile, athletic, colorful and has excellent endurance.

The intelligence and kindness that the Gypsy Vanner Horse exhibits must be experienced to be believed. A sound horse that is easily kept is essential for a lifestyle of travel. The Gypsy Vanner Horse by nature of its evolvement is extremely sound and easy to maintain.

Physical Description

Colorful and compact, this breed averages between 14 and 15.2 hands, although individuals do vary at both ends of the size spectrum. It's short neck and back give the animal the power to pull the colorful caravans so loved by the Gypsy society. An abundance of mane, tail and feather give this animal a magical look, true to it's heritage. Piebald (black and white) and Skewbald (brown and white) are the most common. However, all colors are prized.


The Gypsy Vanner Horse was developed from a combination of the Fresian, Shire, Clydesdale and Dales pony. All of these breeds have the wonderful personality of a cold blooded horse.

Interesting Facts

It is common for a Gypsy mother to tell her children to stop bothering the horses as they crawl over and under them. This could easily be the most gentle horse in the world. The Gypsy Vanner Horse is a status symbol in the Gypsy community. These beautiful horses are highly valued and are available in very limited numbers. Foundation import fillies are carefully selected from the world's finest bloodlines.

The Gypsy lifestyle cannot tolerate animals that might endanger lives. Any horse displaying ill temper is banished immediately. The result of this culling has led to the Gypsy Vanner Horse being one of the most docile horses in the world.


1. Friesian 2. Shire 3. Clydesdale 4. Dales pony

Gypsy Vanner Horses

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