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First Posted: July 31, 2009
Sep 21, 2010

Indian Country Bred Ponies

Indian Country Bred Ponies

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Country of Origin: India

Bhutia Pony, Bhotia Pony, Bhote ghoda, Bhutan Pony, Bhutani, Bhutua Pony
Spiti Pony

Interbred mixture of Bhutia and Spiti Ponies, with some Tibetan Pony blood.

Indian Country Bred is the common name for the inter-bred mixture of Bhutia Ponies, Spiti Ponies and Tibetan Ponies. These animals have been interbred for years so that many of the individual characteristics of the Bhutia and Spiti have been lost, and they now are categorized as "Indian Country Bred." They originated in the Himalayan region of India, and are now found in the Buhtan, Sikkim and Darjeeling regions of India.

Physical Description

Suited to mountainous climate and terrain, they are not as able to endure humidity and heat. In fact, they are given to sun stroke and have trouble equalizing their internal temperature. Lack of nutritious grasses generally affects the growth and development of the ponies, although they have become incredibly tough and self-sufficient, requiring little fodder. The conformation of these ponies is usually not superior. They have a large head and pronounced jaw, short neck, low withers, sloping quarters, and deep chest. The shoulder is a bit straight and upright, the legs, although short, are very strong. Bhutia-type ponies range in height from 12-13.2 hh, and are usually gray in color, although a few are chestnut or roan. Spiti-type ponies usually never get taller than 12 hh, and they are usually gray or dun in color, although they may be any solid color.


The ponies are kept for work, as pack animals and sometimes for riding. They have great endurance and stamina. They generally have a willing and quiet temperament.

Note: Generally speaking India is not a great horse breeding country, Thre is a shortage of food which has a negative impact on their growth and development. Also, the climate is difficult for horses. It is very hot. The horses that survive are tough and easy keepers. Many of the breeds from India are gaited.

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