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First Posted: July 3, 2009
Sep 24, 2010

Kerry Bog Pony

Kerry Bog Pony

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Country of origin: Ireland

The Kerry Bog Pony is a draft pony breed originating in Ireland, and traditionally used for hauling peat fuel from bogs, as well as for general draught work on small holdings. It is smaller than, and distinct in appearance from, Ireland's more widely known Connemara pony. The breed almost vanished during the twentieth century, declining to as few as 40 known members. Genetic analysis of these survivors by Weatherbys confirmed unique genetic breed markers, and the breed is now recognized as the Irish ""Heritage Pony." A controlled stud book and registry now exist, and numbers have recovered to about 400.

Breed Standard

Size: mares 10-11hh, stallions and geldings up to 11.2hh.

Color: commonly brown, brownish black, or bay, but may be any whole colour and chestnut, dun, and grey occur also.

Coat: long and dense, easily capable of surviving harsh winter conditions without shelter.

Head: plain and of average size, rather dished. Eyes small and pointed, nostrils large. Jaw strong and well-formed with excellent dentition.

Body: neck is strong and medium length. Shoulder rounded and muscular. Body compact and strong with deep chest of good girth and well-sprung ribs. Loins powerful, quarters strong and well-formed.

Legs: forelegs strong and muscular with strong forearm. Hind legs muscular and powerful. Cannons short with flat hard bone of good size. Pasterns short, hooves upright and well formed. Hooves of hard horn requiring little trimming.

Action: powerful with great strength relative to its size. Combined with its excellent conformation, the pony has straight and level action with good balance. Intelligent and sure-footed, with good judgement in boggy terrain.

Temperament: kind, sensible, confident, and well-mannered, with great courage and endurance. Unsoundness and undesirable traits found in many pony breeds were bred out at a much earlier stage. Can be easily trained to harness or saddle, and is suitable for work as a children's riding pony.

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