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First Posted: Dec 3,, 2009
Oct 6, 2010

Lac La Croix Indian Pony (Some are gaited)

Photo by Maple Ridge Farms

Country of Origin: Ontario, Canada


"The Lac La Croix Indian Pony is a rare Canadian (Ontario) breed. It is believed that the Lac La Croix Indian Pony evolved in the 19th century from 'a considerable intermixture of blood of the smallest type Canadian horse, with the bronco or Spanish mustang of the south-western plains' (Henry William Herbert, Canadian Historical Review 1947).

"With just over 100 ponies now in existence, Rare Breeds Canada are doing all they can to ensure this pony, which is designated as 'critical,' is saved from extinction..."


This pony is very much like the Canadian Horse. It has a straight top line, low withers, sloping croup, low set tail, small hard hooves, strong legs with thick cannon bones, slight feathering on the backs of the cannon bones, wide set ears that are small and hairy, kind, gentle eyes, a broad forehead tapering towards the muzzle, 12.2-14.2 hh (mares 12.0-13.0 hh and stallions 13.0-14.2 hh), any solid color excluding white or cream, some small white markings are permitted on the face and the lower legs below the knees, no patterned colors such as paint, appaloosa or tobiano, etc. Some ponies exhibit the frosted mane and tail, dorsal stripe, and tiger striping on their legs.

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