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First Posted: July 4, 2009
Sep 24, 2010

Landais or Barthais Pony

Landais Pony

Country of Origin: France (Landes)

The Landais Pony is a small pony which comes from the Landes region of southwest France. They have been developed largely with Arabian blood, and are used mainly as children's ponies, although they are also useful for light draft work.


The Landais is an old breed, originally from the Landes region of southwestern France and heavily influenced by foreign blood. It is theorized that the breed descends from horse shown in the prehistoric cave paintings at Lascaux. Large quantities of Arabian blood are believed to have been added around the time of the Battle of Poitiers (AD 732) and again in the early 1900's. During World War II, they were crossed with heavier breeds to increase their build, but the result of this is that it is now hard to find pure-bred Landais[. Currently, Arab and Welsh Section B stallions are being used to rebuild the original breed.

The breed currently also includes the Barthais, a heavier, taller type of pony that was once considered to be a separate breed.

Breed Characteristics

In appearance, the Landais have a small head with a broad forehead and a straight profile. They have long, muscular necks and nicely sloping shoulders. The chest can be under-developed, the withers are pronounced, and they have a short, wide back and a short, sloping croup. The hoof is hard and strong. They are always bay, chestnut, black or brown and usually stand between 11.1 and 13 hands high.


The Landais is generally used for light draft and under-saddle work. They are commonly used as a children's pony, being intelligent and easy-tempered.


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