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First Posted: Aug 8, 2009
Sep 24, 2010

Makassar or Sulawesi Pony


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Country of Origin: Indonesia


The exact origin of these ponies is not known. However, before the 16th century they existed on Celebes. In the colonial times they were used as cavalry ponies. Oriental breeds were introduced and cross bred during the Dutch colonial era. The horses came from Europe and from the Cape. The climate and topographical conditions made this cross breeding unsuitable. The result was unsatisfactory. Later Arabian blood was introduced. That proved better.

Physical Description

The Makassar or Sulawesi Pony stands 12 hh at the withers. It has a plain head, straight profile, well arched, strong, well shaped neck, angled, long shoulder, broad chest, good depth, strong, medium-long back, oblique wide croup, strong limbs, prominent joints, hard hooves, and beautiful long hair. They have excellent balance, are easy keepers, and have stamina and endurance. The pony comes in all common horse colors. Their temperament is patient and calm, however, they are very fast. In fact, they are often used for racing.


Riding, farm work, carting and racing

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