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First Posted: June 26, 2009
Sep 24, 2010

Mangalarga or Paulista Gaited Horse Breed

Mangalarga or Paulistra

Country of Origin: Brazil
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Mangalarga is a Brazilian horse breed that was first originated from the Francisco Gabriel Junqueira (Baron of Alfenas) work with Royal Alter stallions form Portugal that were mixed with colonial horses in Brazil. This mix also originated the Mangalarga Marchador breed that differs from de Mangalarga because of its smooth gait and its strait relation with iberian horses instead of other European breeds.

When the Junqueira family moved to São Paulo, the topography and local culture forced them to seek for a horse with different characteristics and so they started to cross breed the Mangalarga with Hackney, Morgan, American Saddle Horse, Hanoverian and Trakehner. This made the Mangalarga a completely different horse breed form the Mangalarga Marchador. They are so different that each one has its own studbook. Mangalargas are registered at ABCCRM.

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