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First Posted: July 11, 2009
Sep 24, 2010

McCurdy Plantation Horse, McCurdys, or McCurdy Walkers - A Gaited Breed

Photograph by June Snook
Encyclopedia of Alabama

Country of Origin: United States


Lowndes County, Alabama (The McCurdy Plantation)


In the late 1800s the McCurdy family developed the this breed, on their plantation, using Tennessee Walking Horses. The plantation was located in Lowndesboro, Lowndes County, Alabama.

Breed Description:

The breed may have solid colors such as chestnut, black, and bay. Gray is readily seen in this breed. Roans are also common most particularly the red roan and the bay roan. Facial markings, and markings on the feet up to the knee are common in white but the gray horses often have black manes and tails and black points. The breed ranges from 14.2 hh to 16 hands. The chest is broad, the body is solid and well muscled, the coupling short, the neck graceful, the bone medium to heavy, the hooves are generally good, the eyes large, and the mane and tail are full. The head being from Tennessee Walking stock can be large but generally not coarse. They are docile, intelligent, easy to train and willing. They like people. They are sure footed, as well.


This breed is naturally gaited. The gaits vary and are many including the flat walk, running walk, rack or singlefoot, stepping pace, amble, and canter. The term "The McCurdy Click" or "McCurdy Lick" was coined to describe the gate of the McCurdy Plantation Horse. In any event, the 4-beat gaits are smooth and lateral. They are comfortable to the rider and natural to the horse.

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